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He said He would return, and this time things would be different. This time He would judge. No one person casts as great a shadow over the whole of human endeavors like Jesus, the Christ. He endures today as the irresolvable anomaly of all we know and believe to be important. He was seemingly irrelevant—without wealth, without status, without achievement. He died an obscure and dishonorable death outside a small city in a relatively unimportant corner of an empire that existed long, long ago. By every human reckoning there is no reason why this man’s name should have been penned in any book.

Nevertheless, nearly two millennia later the words and works of this country rabbi continue to dominate our private thoughts and public discourse. Be it news headlines, the angry tirades of neo-atheists, or our fixation with end-of-the-world scenarios, we can’t avoid the presence of this departed and disqualified Jew. Whether in political speeches or dinner conversation, no name is as affecting and offensive as the name of this man. Why?

The return of Jesus Christ is the most anticipated event in human history. It is the elephant in the room. It is so threatening to so many simply because it is certain and imminent. The Book of Daniel was the first book of Scripture to describe the Second Coming in detail. Its visions laid the foundation and the framework for all that was revealed in the Scriptures that followed it. The unstoppable return of the Lord of All is what makes the Book of Daniel of pivotal importance to every human heart today.

By Brian Warren

Brian Warren is a regular teacher at Grace and Truth Gathering in Portland, Oregon where he has been faithfully attending since 2014. He has served as a full-time preacher and teacher of the Scriptures since 2009, frequently speaking at camps, conferences, and Christian gatherings throughout the United States and Canada. Brian and his wife Jennifer have been married fourteen years and enjoy an active life with their six children.

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