Author Bios

Brian Warren

Brian Warren is a regular teacher at Grace and Truth Gathering in Portland, Oregon where he has been faithfully attending since 2014. He has served as a full-time preacher and teacher of the Scriptures since 2009, frequently speaking at camps, conferences, and Christian gatherings throughout the United States and Canada. Brian and his wife Jennifer have been married fourteen years and enjoy an active life with their six children. Read Brian’s posts here.

Roy Touzeau

Roy Touzeau is a regular teacher at Grace and Truth Gathering in Portland, Oregon where he has been faithfully attending since 1981. He was instrumental in founding Principles in Focus, an annual biblically focused retreat for young people. Roy and his wife Pamela have been married for fifty years and enjoy visiting their children and grandchildren and studying God’s creation using Roy’s eight-inch telescope. Read Roy’s posts here.

Guest Contributors

Elyse Casimir Headshot

Elyse Casimir has been married to Joe for 47 years, together they have 5 adult children and 5 grandchildren plus a few adopted ones along the way. She believes that a woman who intentionally seeks God should have many children in which to influence for the kingdom of God and that we can all be on the lookout to bless and influence every person that He puts across our pathway. Elyse is the Director of Lavender Tree, a ministry under the umbrella of Care Net of Puget Sound pregnancy and family services in Washington. Lavender Tree ministers in various ways to women who have miscarried or lost an infant through stillbirth. Elyse is a writer, encourager and speaker offering hope for the grieving, and a life that thrives under the beauty and wonders of Jesus Christ our Lord. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and crocheting. Read Elyse’s posts here.

Larry Clamp headshot

Larry Clamp is a married father of four children residing in western Colorado. He has a heart for bringing God’s truth concerning His Assembly to fellow believers through writing and leading personal Bible studies. Larry and his wife Heather have been married nearly twenty years and keep busy with homeschooling and enjoying the Colorado outdoors. Read Larry’s posts here.

Aaron Vienot Headshot

Aaron Vienot is an engineer working in the electrical power industry. He is a regular teacher at Christian Assembly of Brighton, Colorado, a semi-regular presenter at the annual Principles in Focus retreat in Oregon, and the author of Our Practical Faith. He and his wife Josephine enjoy coffee, tea, and exploring Colorado’s old mining country in the Rocky Mountains with their two children. Read Aaron’s posts here.

Stephen Campbell taught middle school for 30 years before taking early retirement in June 2019 to have more time available for Christian work and Bible teaching. He finds the Bible to be both empowering and fascinating! He sometimes preaches and teaches, sometimes tweets, sometimes blogs, sometimes writes books, and always welcomes a good cup of coffee. Steve and his wife Susie, along with three sons and one daughter-in-law, enjoy regular Christian fellowship at Grace and Truth Chapel (Mahwah, NJ). His best tip for biblical understanding is to read the Bible in paragraphs. Read Steve’s posts here.